Professional SkinCare

Our spa facial treatments offer an elevated experience with remarkable results. Each facial pampers with a warm mitt hand treatment, a heated pad for comfort, post-extraction cool application and our specialized facial massage.

Skincare Overview 

At Rosa Beauty Spa, we believe proper skincare goes beyond the pursuit of beauty. Having healthy, vibrant skin is a vital component of an overall wellness program that requires dedicated attention. We specialize in immediate, visible results while emphasizing a long-term approach to skincare that provides lasting benefits.

Our treatments combine the expertise of our highly trained therapists and an array of potent and therapeutic skincare products to achieve immediate and long term goals. Each facial treatment is uniquely customized by our trusted skincare therapist to the client’s skin condition and tailored to individual needs. A calm, soothing environment is created to allow your mind and body to ease away tension as your skincare needs are being addressed.

All guests receive a consultation and evaluation by a licensed skincare therapist and undergo a recommended treatment approach to address their unique needs. Education and guidance will be provided at the end of each facial treatment if interested. *Please inform your therapist of any medications you’re using that may cause contra-indications.

Facials with Neck Treatment

A customized seaweed based treatment with different vitamins, minerals, natural ingredients and marine extracts. With the combination of ingredients, the skin is left feeling smooth and well hydrated. the treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and appearance of enlarged pores. Thus, boosting the skins natural defense while bringtening and rejuvenating.

  • Detoxifying Mud (90 Minutes)


    Great for oily and acne skin conditions, using seaweed extracts and natural mineral mud to remove impurities, purify and detoxify the skin. Skin is left cool, calm, and well hydrated and redness is reduced after extractions.

  • Violet & Oatmeal Calming Treatment (90 Minutes)


  • Vitamin C Booster VC (90 Minutes)


  • Golden Blossom 24K (90 Minutes)


    Unique mask with seaweed, 24 Karat Gold and minerals, and offering a luxurious experience leaving the skin revitalized, moisturized, reduced the appearance of line and wrinkles, firm and tones the contour of the face.

  • GoJi Youth Treatment (90 Minutes)


    <span class=”st”>Using the Goji Fruit of Longevity to balance the natural condition of the skin, it protects the skin from external agents to delays the aging process. We may have rediscovered the fountain of Youth!</span>

  • Ocean Miracle Treatment (90 Minutes)


    One of our Signature facials where we use ultrasound to bring together all the natural and marine ingredients to the skin’s surface to boost the skins hydration, moisturizing, deep firming effect and prevention of pre-mature aging. Suitable for all skin type and skin conditions that needs profound firming.

Basic Facials

Tailored to more common skin conditions.

  • Basic Facial (45 Minutes)


    <span class=”st”>Perfect for those on a tight schedule, this 30-minute treatment freshens your skin with the basic, essential steps of our full-length signature facials – cleansing, exfoliation, masque and moisturizing. Please note, extractions are not performed during this treatment.</span>

  • Deep Cleansing Facial (60 Minutes)


Premium Facials

Recommended for more advanced skincare.

  • Acne Treatment (75 Minutes)


    Specifically designed for sufferers of acne and frequent breakouts, this treatment attacks existing blemishes with a thorough cleansing to remove acne-causing bacteria. A deep exfoliation to unclog pores in addition to anti-bacterial cleansing, detoxifying clays, and blemish-fighting masques help prevent future breakouts and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Additional extractions are then performed and even the most stubborn comedones are gently removed.

  • Essence Facial Treatment (75 Minutes)


  • Natural Seaweed Moisturizing Facial (90 Minutes)


  • Organic Acne Facial Treatment (90 Minutes)


  • Microdermabrasion Facial Peel Facial (90 Minutes)


  • Germany Collagen Facial Treatment (90 Minutes)


  • GM Collagen Facial Treatment (105 Minutes)


  • Ultra Calming (75 Minutes)


  • Age Smart (90 Minutes)



For those who need more powerful product for focused skincare or pampering.

  • Collagen Eye Mask


  • Hot Eye Mask


  • Acne Mask


  • Organic Seaweed Mask


  • Germany Collagen Mask


  • Hot Herbal Mask


  • Serum with Ultra Sonic